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Substance Abuse Treatment Provider/DUI-Treatment Programs

Assessments / Evaluations

Regardless of your situation, you will need to complete some type of evaluation.

Contact us, explain your situation or need, and we will help schedule you for an assessment with the correct diagnostic tool.

The following types of evaluations/assessments are available:

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Uniform Report - for DUI

This evaluation is necessary for court purposes after a DUI arrest.

At appointment time please have with you:

  • Complete Driving Abstract for court purposes (no more than 30 days old).  This can be obtained for a minor fee at your nearest Drivers License facility.
  • Documentation of Date/Time of arrest and Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) or Refusal.  This information can be found on court documents such as the “Notice of Summary Suspension” or the “Law Enforcement Sworn Report”.  The Circuit Clerk can often provide this information.

Note: Evaluations cannot be completed without the above items.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation "Report Update"

Generally, an Administrative Hearing requisite. The initial Uniform Report is only good for 6 months. 

Alcohol and Drug Assessment

Accepted Diagnostic Instrument by DASA - Necessary to be placed into "Level I or Level II treatment programs". 

Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Assessments

Specialized Assessment Instrument - Parent or Guardian needs to be present for the intake process.

Investigative Alcohol / Drug Evaluation

Not related to a DUI conviction but necessary when there has been a loss of driving privileges within ten years that was alcohol/drug related, other implied consent suspensions situations may apply, criminal records indicate problems with alcohol/drugs, or other evidence finds the individual may have alcohol/drug problems.



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