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License Reinstatement Process

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Hopewell Clinical is a preferred treatment provider of client’s seeking license reinstatement or specialized driving permits.  Once an individual has addressed their substance abuse issues, completing all goals and objectives of treatment, they can begin to look forward to driving again.  If that person is eligible for reinstatement or for various permits he/she might elected to hire counsel or they can petition for an Administrative Hearing on their own.  Either way, the individual will feel much more at ease, knowing Hopewell Clinical staff is acutely familiar with the hearing process and what is expected from a treatment standpoint.  Do no let rumors or the bad experiences of others stop you from seeking driving relief.

We recognize that every person will have questions regarding their eligibility and what will be required to meet Secretary of State standards in this process.  We have never seen a person prevented from driving after settling clinical issues.  Once the individual has fulfilled treatment recommendations he/she will be given all the necessary documents to submit to the Hearing Office.  Hopewell Clinical treatment documents are viewed favorably by the Department of Administrative Hearings and by attorneys that represent clients in this process.

Don’t put off driving any longer

See to learn more about license reinstatement and call our clinic to discuss how you might resolve possible substance abuse treatment concerns.  Have faith in yourself and in our ability to help you.



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