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Substance Abuse Treatment Provider/DUI-Treatment Programs

Treatment Classifications / Recommendations

For Court or License Reinstatement Purposes:

In Illinois you must complete a DUI – Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Uniform Report if you receive a DUI/drug or alcohol related Summary Suspension. This is a Department of Human Services-Department of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse diagnostic tool which assigns you a risk level and recommends substance abuse education and/or treatment.  The offender will fall under one of these risk levels.

  • Minimal Risk - Requires 10 hours of DRE (Drivers Risk Education)
  • Moderate Risk - Requires 10 hours DRE and 12 hours of “Early Intervention Services”
  • Significant Risk - Requires 10 Hours DRE and a minimum of 20 hours of “treatment”
  • High Risk (Dependent or Non-Dependent) - Requires 75 hours of “treatment”
Call to set up an appointment for this evaluation. The Evaluation Report will be required by the county court where the violation occurred. 



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