DUI Evaluations & Assessments

DUI Evaluation (Uniform Report)

Hopewell Clinical provides high-quality, thorough DUI evaluations. We understand that you need your report done quickly, and we are often able to provide same day or next-day scheduling to meet an upcoming court date.

An evaluation is necessary for court purposes after a DUI arrest.

At appointment time please have with you:

  • Complete Driving Abstract for court purposes (no more than 30 days old). This can be obtained for a minor fee at your nearest Driver’s License facility.
  • Documentation of Date/Time of Arrest and Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) or Refusal. This information can be found on court documents such as the “Notice of Summary Suspension” or the “Law Enforcement Sworn Report.” The Circuit Clerk or your attorney can often provide this information.

Note: Evaluations cannot be completed without the above items.

The Evaluation (Uniform Report) will be required by the county court where the violation occurred.


Hopewell Clinical also provides assessments to determine the extent of one’s alcohol or drug problem and to determine whether there is a need for treatment.

We use approved diagnostic instruments accepted by SUPR (Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Substance Use Prevention & Recovery) and SOS (Secretary of State). These Assessments are necessary to be placed into Level I or Level II treatment programs.

Hopewell Clinical also offers on-site alcohol and drug testing. If required, specimens can be sent to the lab, and results are quickly returned.

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