Substance Abuse Treatment & DUI Programs

Hopewell Clinical is a licensed drug and alcohol treatment center with multiple locations in the state of Illinois, offering outpatient and intensive outpatient services only. We provide both in-person and online treatment. Our referrals come from the criminal justice system, social service agencies, attorneys, and word of mouth. Much of our programming revolves around the DUI offender but there is a designed therapeutic approach for anyone interested in or requiring treatment. Many of our counselors are in recovery and understand what it takes to change. Hopewell Clinical has a reputation for being client centered. We offer fair evaluations and flexible scheduling.

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Adult & Adolescent Outpatient Services

License Reinstatement Process

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About Us

Hopewell Clinical boasts competitive, and often the lowest, rates for evaluations, assessments, outpatient, and online treatment. We strive to be accommodating and provide immediate openings for scheduling evaluations and assessments. Hopewell Clinical offers convenient treatment options, including online treatment. We provide telehealth treatment services which allow you to complete the entire process, from assessment to discharge, from the comfort of your own home.