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Hopewell Clinical is a licensed drug and alcohol treatment center in the state of Illinois. We offer outpatient services only. Our referrals come from the criminal justice system, social service agencies, attorneys, and word of mouth. The majority of our programming revolves around the DUI offender but there is a designed therapeutic approach for anyone interested in or requiring treatment.

We are fair in our assessments and recommendations and offer very competitive rates, if not the lowest rates available for certain services. Our size is not overwhelming and client’s interactions with staff are personal and meaningful. Our primary interest is to help the individual address any alcohol or drug problems, past or present, and fulfill imposed treatment requirements.

Persons should have no difficulty scheduling appointments or completing treatment mandates, given that we have both evening and morning therapy and education groups at most of our locations. If there are scheduling concerns we can generally find some way to get the person through the treatment process, without affecting the quality of service.

Helping to Restore Driving Privileges

We also want to emphasize our expertise in helping to restore driving privileges. The license reinstatement process can be very confusing. No matter how difficult the situation may seem there is no reason an individual will be denied driving relief, so long as that person is eligible, follows our recommendations, and engages in the treatment process. In some instances, treatment can even be waived.

Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can explain how to address the treatment component of the license reinstatement process in Illinois. It is, by and large, the most critical element to be reviewed by the Secretary of State Administrative Hearing Office. Without going through a reputable treatment provider, an individual's chances of driving again greatly diminish.

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