Adolescent Treatment

Hopewell Clinical is a licensed treatment provider for adolescents. Adolescents with substance abuse issues affect the entire family, and adolescent treatments requires a more specialized approach. All young individuals involved in Hopewell's programs are treated with respect and confidentiality. Parent education is encouraged, and treatment gains are always greater when family counseling is incorporated as part of the client's care plan.

MC-3-Specialized Adolescent Program

Hopewell Clinical’s MC-3 Program is a specialized three-hour course that serves as an intervention education program in the hopes of preventing an early drug or alcohol issue from becoming more severe. Generally referred by the courts for minor drug or alcohol offenses, such as illegal consumption of alcohol, possession of alcohol or other substances, etc.

The MC-3 Program consists of an Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Assessment (possibly with a guardian depending on client’s age), group education (times as scheduled-generally on Saturday mornings), and an individual counseling session (if warranted).

Hopewell Clinical is Licensed for Level I and II Adolescent Programming

Please call to inquire as to dates and times for specific DUI or other adolescent/juvenile treatment programming. Adolescents not involved with the MC-3 Program can complete treatment recommendations through either group sessions or individual counseling appointments.

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